Jeffrey Dean morgan would actually never


My HMD post can be found here and I always love feedback!

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AIM| Pengwinfaery
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Biography can be found in De's userinfo and her wiki can be found here.

Permission post here. I am also really open to trying anything, so please don't feel nervous asking me. Even if it doesn't work out, I'm more then happy to discuss it. Chances are I'm thinking the same thing and too nervous to ask.

A more kink oriented permission post here.

I am generally up for anything rp wise, so just drop me a line!

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dirty little secret

let's see if I can do this

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can't stand it anymorekissmind going blank from tensionfirst impression seeing xxx
receiving a blowjobfeeling irritated from getting bittenabout to come but holding backreleaseexhaustion
softlypassionatelyexpression after seeing partner's reaction"did it feel good?"passed out
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